Tab navigation using Selenium – a stable way:


Another blog about my experience, analysis and concluding browser ‘TAB’ navigation in automation.Hope this will help you to design an stable tab navigation framework:

Basics about tabs before jumping into code:

Browser window and tab are different! Each window have separate unique window handle where tabs are array of a same handle. Hence by switching between the handle we will achieve window navigation (comparatively simple!), not tab navigation. Just to elaborate with example: internally when we open new browser window, both the window will have separate handle like CDwindow-4f2d1560-16bf-40a3-81be-dd91e13d6390 (for browser window-1) and CDwindow-4fc2d1560-16bf-40a3-81be-dd91e13e6390 (for browser window-2), whereas two tabs are considered as array of same handle like CDwindow-4f2d1560-16bf-40a3-81be-dd91e13d6390[0] (for tab-1) and CDwindow-4f2d1560-16bf-40a3-81be-dd91e13d6390[1] (for tab-2).

Common tab operation:

  • Right click and open a link in new tabs.
  • Pointing the driver to different tabs.
  • Closing the tabs.

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Automation Framework for Beginner

Basic understanding of a framework:

Before developing a framework we should step back and understand whether we need a framework or not? A framework makes our life easy. However, on the other hand to create a mature framework, time and cost is involved.

Here we are discussing about automation testing and it’s related frameworks. So to understand WHAT a basic automation framework does, we should understand the basic of automation testing.

Basic understanding of automation:

To be honest, we can achieve many things using automation. I will try to highlight almost everything to start automation.

In simple words, we automate the manual test cases using some tool. These automated test cases are written in such a way that it can be executed anytime without manual intervention. As time goes on, the automation scripts become complex and unorganized because of update, delete and insert in AUT(Application Under Test). Hence the need of framework comes into play.

Prerequisite: Features of automation framework.

Creation of first automation framework:

Here we will develop a automation framework with all the basic feature discussed above.

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG 
is required.

Let’s start developing:

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